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1914 - Mary Lily Kenan keeping the promise of her late husband railroad magnate, Henry Flagler donated $6000.00 and five acres to the community to build a school to go along with the new railroad. Click here for more information on Mary Lily Kenan and Henry Flager


1917 - Construction completed & school opened.


1962 - Closed for 30 years.


1992 - Reopened and served students Pre-K through 2nd Grade.


2003 - School closed permanently


2005 - School was deeded to Kenansville Community Association, Inc.


2006 - Charter school opened for 2 months.


2008 - Application for National Register of Historic Places rejected for lack of "historic physical integrity.


- First floor rented to local Artist Eldon Lux. Now serves as art gallery, studio & classroom.


- Reunion of students from 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's.


- District 79 Representative Frank Attkisson made tribute before Florida House of Representatives for efforts to restore & maintain the school.


2009 - Osceola County Board of Commissioners, via District 5 Commissioner Fred Hawkins, adopted Resolution #09-013R urging the State of Florida Bureau of Historic Preservation to support application for National Register of Historic Places.


- Hired John H. Dean, Architect and Woodright Construction Corporation, Tom Grogan as General Contractor.


- Demolition of the non-original second floor auditorium.


March 2009


- Historical Marker application by the state of Florida, Bureau of Historic Preservation is approved and installed in front of our school..


June 2009

- IRS approved application of exemption status change from 501c4 to 501c3.

- The fun (and hard work) of Fundraising has officially begun.


July 2009

- First window and brick around window restored by Contractor.

- Fundraising Website launched.


August 2009

- Article in Orlando Sentinel Newspaper - Column by Joy Wallace Dickinson on Florida History.

click here to view article


September 2009

- Restoration of second floor window & surrounding brick.

- National Register of Historic Places' Application approved by the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources as "potentially" eligible for listing under "Association with Events"


February 2010

-Planned Mixed Use Development (PMUD) Zoning District approved by Osceola County Board of County Commissioners.


March 2010

- Historic Preservation Grant Review Panel rated KCA Application 14th among 65 applicants. Quite an accomplishment for 'first time' grant writers!!


June 2010

- Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources awarded grant funding to only the top 6 applicants based on the budget approved by the Florida Legislature.

- KCA was not awarded any Grants with the Division.


February 2011

Aplied and Ranked 12th for Florida Historic Preservation Special Category Grant. Special Category Grants were not funded.


June 2012

Applied and Awarded $50,000 Florida Department of State, Division of Historic Resources Grant for planning phase of School Restoration.


July 2013

Applied and Awarded $30,000 Florida Department of State, Division of Historic Resources Grant for re-roof of school.  Click here for the KCA News release.


September 2013

KCA selected to receive host fees from Progressive Waste Solutions of Florida, of which 70% of those funds will be used to restore the school.


October 2013

Donadio & Associates, Architects, P.A. hired to replace John Dean who resigned due to health reasons.



Built in 1917

In Service

1917 - 1962

1992 - 2003

Deeded in 2005 to

Kenansville Community Association, Inc.


Our Historic School is under construction and so is our website.

Please pardon our progress....and come back soon!!!

Kenansville Community Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 41

    Historic School located at

1180 South Canoe Creek Road

Kenansville, Florida 34739

Osceola County